Saturday, 04. June 2016, Beavercreek, Movie Night Finding Nemo

from 04. June 2016 - 21:45
United StatesBeavercreek4452 Buckeye Lane45440
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Come out to Plum Street Park (located off Plum Street, near Funny Bone) and see Finding Nemo on the big screen.

Thursday, 06. September 2018, Medellín, FML

from 06. September 2018 - 23:59
till 12. September 2018 - 2:59
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--- Originally this meant to be a very short notice, step off the stage, with little fanfair... as I mentioned on my personal thread, I'm practically tearing up over the sudden, unexpected support from every corner of Florida... But here, I'll just hit logistics, cities and very sudden line-ups:

Ft. Lauderdale --- FLASH --- (The first to jump in, and a true veteran from our days. I can't wait to play again, brother.

Miami --- DANCE MUSIC PIMPS ---- *Live show* and will be collaborating with Prophecy as well (pioneering a whole new culture with the massive Freedom Beach Festivals - We R Florida coming soon, and masters of visual experience with )

Florida --- ILL WILL & MC FREAK --- (These get a class of there own on the geography, as they have created a transformation throughout the state in a whole new combo of genre and culture, as part of and much more. More to be mentioned soon, including a whole gambit of productions like Konkrete Jungle, Hipstep Massive, United Underground ( in Philly), etc.

Tampa/West Coast --- JELLYBEAN --- (An honor to play with this legend of the west side... LOVE & LIGHT representing means so much. Since my return, I have never seen a group so dedicated to unification)

Brevard --- ZOLO --- (A founding member of the Bass Coast's Bass Bunker DJ's... And I can't imagine not have a rep from FUNKY FLAVOR) Check out his Funky Flavor This is Breakbeat Vol. 42 on

Daytona --- C-FUTURE --- (this NLP producer is one of the most talented I have met. I was blown away on day ONE. He will be playing several unheard tracks... And I am proud to say now for the first time, He is the first artist - after it is reviewed with the master himself, Chris Domingo - that I will be asking/trusting to remix Sonic Psyche, since it's initial release over a decade ago.

JUST ADDED - Orlando's own rising star: KYRO! and Laced loyalist JT

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--- >>>>Orlando, you are my bizarre and tumultuous Love Affair: After the rigors of WMC (which was amazing, and thank you), I have decided to take a sabbatical, for the sake of my Investigation Agency needs, both here and in California... I LOVE playing for you, You guys are an addiction for me, so I know that if I don't make this resolution now, I never will. AND YES, I am sorry it is VERY SUDDEN NOTICE --- I wanted to peel it like a band-aid, and for this show to be without presumption, without obligations, just a SHOW... Lets ENJOY THIS, Not worrying about anything else. I wanted to do so in the place that has shown me the most support (LACED)... We often like to get mad or judge them, not realizing the COLLOSSAL undertaking they **** daily. So know this: I am playing for free, because I want the $ that night to be my contribution towards something VERY special in their future, which we may get to have. They really are on the front lines of our freedoms (I HAVE SEEN IT first hand), and they DO need our support, even when it seems otherwise. I ask that we all revel in a moment, contribute, dance but most important LOVE. This is the hardest decision I have made in ages, please join and LOVE all that is our scene with me. I promise to rip like never before, set the stage ablaze and make it an awesome night! But I can only do that with you, the Love of our FL late night club scene.
Magic Mike Show Live. Fairborn, OH.

Magic Mike Show Live. Fairborn, OH.

Sunday 14. October 2018
Conferência Profética Tehillah 2018
Friday 30. March 2018
Wörthersee Tour 2k18, Photos by Paris-Fotos
Saturday 28. April 2018
Wörthersee 2018 Decent
Saturday 28. April 2018
Fort Worth, Texas
Friday 02. February 2018
Wortarchitekten SLAM
Thursday 25. January 2018
Hellcome Hervanta: ARG & Worthless
Saturday 03. February 2018
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