Sunday, 26. March 2017, Canberra, Rise of the Warrior

from 26. March 2017 - 9:00 till 16:00
AustraliaCanberra23/151 Gladstone Street2609
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30 people attending
Event description
Unbranded Strength, The Canberra Strongman Association/ Canberra Strongwoman and BASH Strength bring you 2017's first novice strongman event.


UPDATED 05/03/2017

This is a great opportunity to get into the sport of strongman. There will be 5 events all up over the day. The first 3 events have been released below with another 2 to be released soon.

1) Yoke Walk - 30m, (15 m up, drop, 15 m back)

Yoke to be taken down a 15m course, once the nose of the yoke is over the line the competitor will need to drop, then take it back to the start line, entire yoke needs to be over the start line to finish. No dragging or pushing allowed.

Open mens - 230kg
U90kg mens - 205kg

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Open womens - 160kg
U75kg womens - 140kg

--- for example athlete A lifts yoke, travels 15m and both front feet of yoke break the line, athlete then gets out from under yoke, quickly turns and re-picks up yoke. Athlete then travels back 15m and ensures full yoke is passed the line before dropping. If back feet of yoke have not crossed line fully on the drop, the athlete must re-pick and continue until both feet are clear of line---

2) Trapbar deadlift - Max reps in 60 seconds

Trapbar to be deadlifted from the high handles for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds, when fully locked out the ref will give the down signal so the next rep can be performed. No bouncing the weight off the floor. One warning will be given, further bouncing will be a no rep. No straps allowed.

Open mens - 200kg
U90 mens - 180kg

Open womens - 140kg
U75kg womens - 120kg

--- For example athlete A does 1 rep and ref calls "good rep" then athlete bounces at the bottom, ref tells athlete A "no bouncing, warning given" that 2nd rep counts, athlete A then bounces next rep, ref calls "no rep, bouncing" and continues in this way until reps are deemed acceptable---

3) Max Log - Rising bar - 3 attempts

Log to be cleaned to the shoulders then pressed overhead. When fully locked out the ref will give the down signal. 60 seconds to complete the lift. You will be given 3 attempts to lift the heaviest weight possible for a single rep. You nominate your own weights (within the 10kg or 5kg allowed increments) however your previous lift must be successful in order to attempt a heavier weight.

Mens - 8" diameter Log, log opening weight starts at 50kg, 10kg increments

Womens - 6" diameter Log, log opening weight starts at 20kg, 5kg increments

--- for example. Male athlete A nominates 50, 60, 70kg. He lifts 50, then all other male athletes who wish to attempt 50 take turns to attempt. Then athlete A attempts 60kg and misses, all other athletes who nominated 60kg attempt. Athlete A then has to re-attempt 60kg as his 3rd and final attempt---

Entry Fee: $50

Registration is now open. Please email for a registration form.


The last two events have now been released

4) Plate Front hold for time

With your shoulders and butt fixed against a wall, A weight plate will be held out in front with straight arms, with the arms parallel to the floor and will need to stay in this position for as long as possible. If the arms fall below parallel a warning will be given, If the arms are not raised after the warning, time will be called.

Open mens - 20kg
U90 mens - 15kg

Open womens - 10kg
U75 womens - 5kg

5) Ute Pull

Our Warriors will be harnessed to a Ute/truck which will be pulled for 30 metres for the fastest time. This will be a speed event where every second counts. Time stops when nose of ute/truck crosses the time.

Open mens - Ute + 12 spectators/warriors
U90 mens - Ute + 8 spectators/warriors

Open womens - Ute + 4 spectators/warriors
U75 womens - Ute + 1 spectator/warriors

Exact Ute/Truck to be pulled still to be established

Please comment with questions here so they can be addressed for everyone.

Please get your forms and payment in asap. Cut off will be 12th March (to allow t shirts to be made) >>>

>>>>>Please note this is very soon. If you have queries or concerns get in touch. Make your intentions known and we can work around it... communication is the key!! Cheers, BASH!

Friday, 26. May 2017, Maitland, Hunter Valley Caravan, Camping, Fish and Boat Show

from 26. May 2017 - 9:00
till 28. May 2017 - 16:00
AustraliaMaitlandBlomfield St2320
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23 people attending
Event description
MDC Camper Trailers and Off Road Caravans will be attending the Hunter Valley .
Come along to see our wide range of Camper Trailers and Off Road Caravans.

Each Caravan, Camping, 4WD, Fish & Boat Show is a complete outdoor recreational event, combining commercial and educational exhibitors for outdoor enthusiasts throughout each region. The shows provide exhibitors with the ideal opportunity to promote their products and services to a targeted and vibrant market place.

May 2017 - 26, 27 & 28
9am - 5pm Friday & Saturday
9am - 4pm Sunday

Blomfield Street, Maitland

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Please Note: No pets are allowed on the grounds.

> Adults $17
> Aged Pensioners $12
> Kids up to 16 years Free, when accompanied by an adult.

Accepted Centrelink Pensioner Concession Cards
> Aged Pension
> Aged Senior
> Disability Support Pension
> Veteran Affairs Gold Card
You must have your own card to be eligible to purchase concession.

for more information please call us on 1300 494 494

Raising Boys - Steve Biddulph

Raising Boys - Steve Biddulph

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