Friday, 29. September 2017, Darlington, Cancelled - Luna Light Music & Arts Festival 2K17

from 29. September 2017 - 12:00
till 01. October 2017 - 6:00
United StatesDarlington2564 Silver Rd21034
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516 people attending
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To The Luna Light Music and Arts Festival Community

We're incredibly saddened to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control we have to cancel Luna Light Music & Arts Festival 2K17.

A sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of the past musicians, artists, staff, and loyal fans for their dedication in building this community. The continued love and support for music and art from each and every one of you is what keeps events like this going, and it's with no light-heart that we've come to this decision.

Tickets will be refunded at your point of purchase, and automatically via Ticketmaster for all online purchases. We're sincerely sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, please email with any questions or concerns.

<3 Luna Light



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September 29-30, 2K17

Come join us for a magical weekend at
The 4th Annual Luna Light Music & Arts Festival

Camp Ramblewood
2564 Silver Road
Darlington MD 21034


Ages: 18+


9/29-30 Weekend Pass:
Cut Copy • Squarepusher Presents: Shobaleader One • THE GASLAMP KILLER • Poolside • Com Truise • Nosaj Thing • BOTTIN • The Real Blockhead • Jojo Mayer / Nerve • Dan Deacon • Cleopold • Tortoise • Hot Sugar • Sixis • Manifested • **** Right! • The Beating • Square Peg Round Hole • The Royal Noise • Risky Disko • Speakerbot • Choppy Oppy • Hungry Ghost • Trap Rabbit • TEKTONIC • DigitalDavy • Dj Phil Dice • MALAKAI • FLOTE and more...

Sound by Funktion-One (Official)

Our Music + Art + Workshop + Lecture + Vendor Lineups are all yet to be announced. A limited number of Early Bird Tickets will be available for all of our fans who want to be a part of the experience first! Stay up to date by visiting our website and also our social media outlets on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all information releases.

Parking is $20 per car, and space will fill up fast - so we encourage everyone to carpool.

With any style camping you desire, Camp Ramblewood will accomadate! Open field camping for attendee's who like their space, lake side camping for the night owls who like to be surrounded by trees, and cabins for the attendee who enjoys warm showers each day! All campsites are within reach of the parking facilities while still located in the heart of the venue!

°° CABINS °°
The cabin accomodations are for the festival goer who likes a comfortable bed and a hot shower! It allows privacy for your group and the ultimate place for late night parties. There are three sizes to choose from with four different style interiour layouts to fit all of your needs. Each cabin comes equiped with all necessary ammenities: showers, sinks, toilets, and TEMPURPEDIC beds.

7 Person Cabins: This sized cabin is split between four groups with a common area and shared bathroom. A total of 28 attendees will call this cabin their home for the weekend making it the ultimate party package. This cabin is a great way to meet other friends!

9 Person Cabins: These cabins are split down the middle, 10 attendees on one side and 10 others on the next. There are two entrance ways for each side and a shared bathroom for both groups.

10 Person Cabins: Our Ten Person Cabins are the most private cabins on site. Each cabin is has it's own entry way and a large closet to store any and all luggage. These cabins, although private and not shared, are combined with other 10 Person Cabins with a shared bathroom with all the amenities.

A $200.00 cash security deposit will be needed upon entry to the event to insure each cabin is cleaned and respected. The deposit will be returned upon check out at the box office. This year, all cabins are add-on purchases, so you will need to purachase a weekend pass in addition to any cabin purchases!

Our Mission:
As soon as you step foot on the Luna Land you are embraced by the people and world around you. It's easy to lose track of time and we encourage you to leave your worries at home. Our veteran staff is there to guide you through this experience and if it's your first time, or fourth time, you will leave with a smile on your **** and a new place to call home! Between workshops, lectures, time spent with friends, and of course dancing all night; our goal is to help everyone understand the greater meaning. We are all here for one thing and that is to make a difference! Grab a friend, and we'll see you out there...

°°°° DIRECTIONS °°°°

Philadelphia: 1 Hour (76.3 Miles)
Get on I-676/US-30 E from S Penn Square and N Broad St (0.8 Miles)
Follow I-95 S to MD-155 W in 2, Halls Cross Roads. Take Exit 89 From I-95 S (66.4 Miles)
Continue on MD-155 W. Take MD-161 N to Silver Road 5, Dublin (9.1 Miles)

New York City: 2.5 Hours (163 Miles)
Continue To Jersey City (3.2 Miles)
Take I-95 S, NJ Tpke S and I-95 S to MD-155 W in 2, Halls Cross Roads. Take exit 89 from I-95 S (151 Miles)
Continue on MD-155 W. Take MD-161 to Silver Rd in 5, Dublin (9.1 Miles)

Baltimore: 53 Minutes (47.9 Miles)
Take Light St and E Conway St to I-395 S (0.8 Miles)
Follow I-95 N, I-95 Express Toll and I-95 N to MD-155 W in 6, Harve de Grace. Take exit 89 from I-95 N (37.5 Miles)
Continue on MD-155 W. Take MD-161 N to Silver Road in 5, Dublin (9.6 Miles)

Washington D.C.: 1.5 Hours (81.2 Miles)
Get on Baltimore-Washington Pkwy in 2, Bladensburg from New York Ave NW (6.2 Miles)
Continue on Baltimore-Washington Pkwy. Take I-895 N and I-95N to MD-155 W in 6, Harve de Grace. Take Exit 89 from I-95 N (65.5 Miles)
Continue on MD-155 W. Take MD-161 N to Silver Road in 5, Dublin (9.6 Miles)

°°°° FAQ °°°°
Find out information on Rules and Fequently Asked Questions on our website: or email us directly at


°°°°LLF 2K16 °°°°
Dave Tipper • John Medeski Billy Martin Marco Benevento & Joe Russo • Electron • The New Deal • Dopapod • Pigeons Playing Ping Pong • Mago (John Medeski & Billy Martin) • CIA - Parnell/McGuire/Aucoin • Ott & The All-Seeing I • Random Rab • Ott. • Marco Benevento • Pink Talking Fish • LTJ Bukem DJ • Tom Hamilton's American Babies • The Indobox • Grimace Federation • Manifested • Zoogma • Kaminanda • Ben Silver of Orchard Lounge (official) • ICHISAN • Muscle Tough • Mister F • Wobblesauce • Flux Capacitor • Horizon Wireless • Wax Future • Risky Disko • Architekt • Greener Grounds • Of The Trees • Tweed • Bunk Buddha • Chipocrite • Teddy Midnight • **** Plant • LITZ • Bearly Dead • Birocratic • Tucci • Attic tapes. • Bells and Robes • In Flux • **** Black Female • Need & Necessity • Aurize • Humandala • VHS • S h a n t i • Choppy Oppy • Elvin Tibideaux • Space Bacon • lespecial • Patrick Richards • Nah Mean? • Soley • Pluto Era • Imposter Music • Jizzy Fra • Brainrack

Holly Bowling • Marco Benevento • ICHISAN • Tom Hamilton's American Babies with Aron Magner (The Disco Biscuits) • Risky Disko • Mike Greenfield (Lotus) • Tractorbear: A Tribute to The Disco Biscuits • The Indobox • MJ Project • Digital Frontier • Air is Human • Food by Han Dynasty & Karaoke & Sake from Han Chiang

Marco Benevento • Holly Bowling • Snarky Horns (Chris Bullock, Michael Maher & Justin Stanton of Snarky Puppy)

Sound by Funktion-One (Official)
Visuals by Zebbler Studios

°°°°LLF 2K15 °°°°
Papadosio • Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics • Keller & The Keels • Dopapod X2 • Ott. • Ozric Tentacles • The Motet • Particle • Zoogma X2 • TAUK X2 • Desert Dwellers • Blockhead • Kaminanda • Thriftworks • Pink Talking Fish (Dark Side Of The Moon Set) • Consider The Source • Manifested X2 • Plantrae • Dixons Violin • SkyTree • Greenhouse Lounge • Turbine • The Cosmic Dust Bunnies • The Hornitz • Living Light • Solaris • **** Black Female • **** Plant • Galaxy Dynamite • Tweed • Chromatropic • LITZ • Wobblesauce • The Brummy Brothers • Out Of The Beard Space • Lucid • The Blurry Nights • PropLydz • Fochi • Dan Kassel X2

°°°°LLF 2K14 °°°°
Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ Set) • Lettuce • Keller Williams • Particle • Heavy Pets • Kalya Scintilla • Consider The Source • Jimkata • Pigeons Playing Ping Pong • Indobox • FiKus • Zebbler Encanti Experience • Space Jesus • The Mantras • Turbine • Supersillyus • Normal Instruments • Schlang • Cocktail Party Phenomenon • Manifested • Galaxy Dynamite • Greenhouse Lounge • Aqueous • Vibratek • The Brummy Brothers • WinoVino • Tweed • Don Fochi • Dark City • Wobblesauce • Way Down • Resin Ed • Shwizz • Trails • Eggy • Out Of The Beard Space • People With Instruments • Subtle Skies • Lespecial • Solaris • The Edd • Steve Walker

Friday, 14. April 2017, Smithfield, 2nd Annual Down East BBQ Festival

from 14. April 2017 - 16:00
till 15. April 2017 - 23:00
United StatesSmithfield3174 US Highway 70 W27577
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57 people attending
Event description
Call 919-934-3433 to sign up.
Sign up sheet in taproom as well.
Sign up via invite.

Double Barley Brewing
Down East Barbeque Festival
Friday April 14th-Saturday April 15th
(Not a KCBS sanctioned event)

• You are responsible for observing prudent meat temperature and sanitary requirements.
• Each team must provide a regulation fire extinguisher
• Contestants must adhere to all electrical, fire, health and other codes whether local, county, state or federal.
• Anyone consuming alcohol must have ID checked.
• NO LIQUOR allowed on site. We only have a license for beer and wine.

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❖ Each team can consist of a Chief Cook and as many assistants they choose.
❖ Each team provides a grill/cooker in the 10' X 20' designated spaces.
❖ Charcoal, wood fire, electric or propane cookers allowed.
❖ Each team provides their own supplies (except meat) including seasonings, cooking and cleaning equipment. Please provide grease pans.
❖ All seasoning and cooking of the product shall be done on site within the teams cooking area.
❖ Please respect teams around you!
❖ ARRIVAL TIME: 3 pm to 6 pm on FRIDAY, APRIL 14th
❖ Each team will be issued 3 pork shoulders (7-8 lbs)
❖ 10' X 20' sites will be assigned. See event staff upon arrival.
❖ Truck/trailer/RV parking is available away from the cooking areas.
❖ Generators are allowed. Electricity is not available.
❖ Blind judging! Judges will not be allowed in event area until after judging.
❖ Entries will be judged by a judging team up to 20 people
❖ Scores from 1-10 in Appearance,Tenderness/Texture, and Taste. Any ties will be determined by pre-selected officials.
❖ We will issue judging containers at registration.
❖ Garnish is allowed but will not be eaten or considered part of the judging.
❖ Product may be presented with or without sauce or seasoning.
❖ No aluminum foil or paper should be in the meat.
❖ No toothpicks or skewers unless CLEARLY visible.
❖ Anything placed in container that identifies your team will eliminate the team.
❖ PLATES must be delivered to judging area between (11:30-12 pm, SATURDAY, APRIL 15TH.

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Dave's Bachelor Party
Thursday 03. February 2050
Unearth the Land of Happiness - Bhutan.
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